BLOOM’s World

Floral Designer’s Collection – the international lifestyle
and trend workbook for floristry

BLOOM’s World is the international lifestyle and trend workbook for floristry. It is monitoring developments in the international floristry scene and passing these findings on to you.

Current issue:

BLOOM’s World 1/2013
Floral Designer’s Collection Spring · Summer


Pots of new ideas and inspirations for floral designers with high standards and style. The most important themes in this issue:

  • Floral trends for 2013: Retro Living, Light Poetry, Glorious Secrets, Country Love and Factory Past
  • Floristry for spring and easter in the countryside
  • Ideas with blossoms of the summer season
  • Extraordinary floral design with wool, foliage and wickerwork

176 pages, format 23.5 x 33 cm or 9.25“ x 13“, paperback. Language: English, French and Russian.

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